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H. Jackson Brown Jr. - 21 Suggestions for Success

Digi-logue Clock. A stunning digital clock displaying the time using an array of analogue clocks. 

"To walk down a path
where great men have
been is an honour itself,
for a few privileged men.
But to blaze one’s own trail,
unequaled to thee;
Is a tribute to greatness
that few men shall see."

- Anonymous


Money is nothing but a currency, and it certainly can’t buy happiness.

Money is often a bi-product of happiness, not the other way around.

If you chase a career for it’s financial benefits, you’ll probably end up very miserable.

If you chase a career you love doing, you’ll probably be very happy.

What is the point of being in a job you hate, but earning a lot of money? All that means is you are earning to fund your life - which is that job.

Chase dreams, not money.

If you aim to be rich, the chances are, you won’t be.

Because it doesn’t matter how much money you earn, if you don’t enjoy it, and you’re miserable, then you will forever be poor.


Two peasants were travelling down a winding road on their way to see the king.

When they approached the gates of the kingdom an army of foot soldiers bullied them and ran them off.

Then one peasant said to the other, “That is why.”

The next day, the two peasants travelled down the winding road again with hopes to see the king.

This time an army of horse soldiers rode up, threw stones at them and ran them off.

Then the peasant said to his friend, “That is why.”

The two peasants would not give up, so they travelled the winding road again.

This time the king’s carriage pulled up, and when the king saw the two peasants standing there in torn clothes, with cuts and bruises all over them, the king got out his carriage, walked up to the two peasant, put his arm around them and gave them each a gold coin.

As they walked back down the winding road, one peasant said to the other again, “That is why.”

When they were both back home sitting in their little huts, the other peasant asked his friend what he meant when he said, “That is why?”

The first peasant responded, 

That is why they are foot soldiers, and that is all they will ever be.

That is why they are horse soldiers, and that is all they will ever be.

And that is why he is king.

I don’t know who did this ad for Disney, but seriously the script is dreadful.

It sounds like they’re pitching an audience profile, not writing an ad.