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Closed doors

In life, we’re always making decisions. Decisions define the path we choose. Door A or Door B? When I was at school, I had to make an awful lot of decisions. Decisions that apparently would define my life. What subjects do you want to choose at GCSE? What about A-Level? What Universities do you want to apply to? Which offers will you accept? And in the middle of all of these was a load of smaller decisions to make. Day to day decisions. Decisions you were told make no difference to your life. What should I have for lunch? Should I tuck my shirt in or leave it out and get told off? 

Where am I going with this?

Well, I have always been told, and somewhat believed until recently that some of the ‘bigger’ decisions would define your life. Life lesson, no they wont. You define your life. The GCSEs I took, the A Levels I took. They mean nothing. But still I was told that I was closing doors in the future. No, in fact, I was told by some that  by not choosing ‘proper’ subjects, I was slamming doors closed in front of me. Throwing away potential.

I’m glad I ignored them.

There are very few decisions that will define your life. Because remember, there are an infinite number of decisions coming up, so you’ve just taken a scenic route perhaps? 

In life, you can do and achieve anything you want. Anything. If you work hard enough, both in your chosen field, and hard enough at ignoring all the people that tell you can’t do it.

No doors are closed.