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Genius lasts longer than beauty

"Genius lasts longer than beauty." - Oscar Wilde.

Oscar Wilde wasn’t talking about advertising. I will.

In advertising, too many people think that ‘creative’ is the process of making an idea look pretty. Wrong. Creative is coming up with the idea. And an idea is what sticks in people’s minds. Not the artwork that accompanies it.

A good idea, whatever it may be, is transferrable over every media, in every country, and understood by everyone that is meant to understand it. That (loosely) is my definition of a Big Idea. So, as you can imagine, in my opinion, there’s not too many around. And certainly, defining any concept you come up with following a brief as The Big Idea is ludicrous.

A good idea will stick. A good idea is far more creative than making it look pretty. A good idea is what sets apart fantastic advertising with pretty advertising. 

Genius lasts longer than beauty.

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